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Photo Backdrop Material Descriptions

Below is a description and close up photos of each of the different backdrop materials that we offer. Here are some commonly asked questions:

Q: Which materials are glare free? A: Poly paper, canvas and all of our fabric options. 

Q: Which materials are not glare free? A: Vinyl. 

Q: Which material has the most vibrant print? A: Poly paper. 

Q: Which material is the lightest weight? A: Poly paper. 

Q: What is the largest size that you offer? A: Our fine art backdrops are available as large as 8'x15'. Our fleece and dream fabric are available in up to 10'x8' (12'x8' for some designs). 

Q: Do you offer canvas, vinyl or poly paper in larger sizes, like 8'x10'? A: Poly paper, canvas and vinyl are only available in up to 5' wide (5'x5', 7'x5', 10'x5', etc). Our larger sized backdrops are available in fleece, dream fabric or polyester fabric, which can ship folded (and greatly reduces shipping cost). 

Q: Which material is wrinkle free? A: Fleece is wrinkle free. If it does get a crease in it for some reason, just toss it in the dryer for around 10 minutes on low heat. Polyester fabric and dream fabric are wrinkle resistant but not wrinkle free. To remove any fold lines or wrinkles just toss it n the dryer on low heat for about 10-15 minutes with a wet cloth. A hand steamer will also remove wrinkles quickly. 

All of our backdrops are printed in the U.S.

CASCADE CLOTH (FORMERLY CALLED "FABRIC"): Our Cascade Cloth backdrops are a knit fabric which is 100% glare free and easy to hang. This light weight material is a lower cost option than Dream Fabric. Cascade Cloth backdrops will arrive folded or rolled, depending on the order. Just toss it in the dryer on low heat for around 10-15 minutes with a damp cloth or use a hand steamer to remove any fold lines or wrinkles. A good hand steamer will remove links very quickly. Cascade Cloth backdrops have a small white border around them, simply tuck the white part under the floor drop to hide it. This is a knitted material (not fleece). Available for smaller sized backdrops (5'x5', 6'x5', 7'x5', 8'x5'). 

PROS: 100% glare free, dark print, hangs beautifully, can be stored folded.
CONS: Fabric can be difficult to use as a floor drop and prints on the cooler side. Fabric photography backdrops

CANVAS: Our canvas backdrops are made of a strong cloth (similar to canvas prints), with a very vibrant print and are 100% GLARE FREE. Canvas works great as a backdrop as well as a floor drop. Canvas photographs and hangs beautifully. It weighs a little less than vinyl and should not be folded or washed. It can be hung as a backdrop using clamps or laid on the floor (hard, flat surface) and used as a floor drop. We do not recommend using a canvas floor for cake smashes (without clear acrylic over it) as it cannot be wiped clean. We recommend storing them rolled inside the shipping tube when not in use. Canvas backdrops will have a small white border around the design (about a quarter of an inch) and is included in the size of the design. The backdrop can be tucked under the floor drop and the white border is not noticeable. Please keep in mind that this is a printed surface that can be scratched. Use canvas backdrops with care and if using as a floor, do not slide props around on it or use anything that can scratch the backdrop. We highly recommend using a non-glare acrylic sheet over the backdrop, if using it as a floor drop, to prevent scratching. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Store rolled when not in-use. Cannot be washed or wiped clean. 

PROS: 100% GLARE FREE, vibrant print, hangs beautifully, sturdy material
CONS: More expensive than vinyl and poly paper, cannot be wiped clean

POLY PAPER: Poly Paper is a synthetic, coated paper that is very tough to tear and is an inexpensive option. It's much lighter weight than vinyl, canvas and fabric and can be hung from a backdrop stand with clamps or taped to a wall with blue painters tape. You must be careful when using poly paper as a floor drop, to be sure that you do not scratch or crease it. Unlike vinyl, Poly Paper is not suggested for cake smashes as it cannot be wiped clean. Poly paper is glare free. Poly paper backdrops will have a small white border around the design (about a quarter of an inch) and is included in the size of the design. The backdrop can be tucked under the floor drop and the white border is not noticeable. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Store rolled when not in use (we recommend in the shipping tube). Cannot be folded, washed, do not wipe clean or using any liquids with the backdrop. 

PROS: Inexpensive, vibrant print, light weight, ships a little cheaper than all other materials, glare free.
CONS: They can scratch when being used as a floor drop and must be handled with care to prevent creasing. Cannot be wiped clean like vinyl.
What is a poly paper backdrop?

VINYL: Our matte vinyl backdrops are constructed of fabric hidden between a thin layer vinyl. It is a high quality, heavy duty vinyl. VInyl backdrops are very durable and work well as a backdrop or floor drop. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, making them great for cake smashes or messy shoots. The downside to vinyl is that the lighting does need to be adjusted when photographing darker backdrops because the ink can cause a sheen. If even minimal sheen is a concern for you we recommend going with Poly Paper or Canvas. We have customers who absolutely love vinyl because of it's durability. To remove unwanted sheen in Photoshop, use the burn tool to darken brighter areas. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Store rolled when not in-use (we recommend in the shipping tube). Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth (no cleaners). Can be used for cake smashes but be careful for staining. Test any frostings on the corner of the backdrop first. Liquids can stain. 

PROS: Inexpensive, the most durable for floor drops, can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
CONS: Backdrops can have a sheen if the proper lighting or photo editing techniques are not used, especially with darker drops. Vinyl does not print as true to color as poly paper and canvas. Not glare free. 


DREAM FABRIC: Our "Dream Fabric" backdrops hang and photograph like a dream! The material is a 100% polyester fabric, meant for backdrops. A pole pocket is included at the top for 8'x6'. 8'x8' and 10'x8' backdrops, for easy hanging. 8'x5', 7'x5', 6'x5' and 5'x5' backdrops are laser cut and do not include a pole pocket. Please note, the pole pocket will take away at least 3" from the height of the backdrop. Unlike our backdrops listed as "Polyester Fabric", Dream Fabric is only 1 layer of fabric and has a little bit of a stretch to it. Dream Fabric is perfect for backdrops with scenes, where the material needs to be pulled tight. If it has fold lines, just toss it in the dryer on low heat for 5 - 10 minutes or use a hand steamer. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash separately in cold water on delicate cycle (if necessary). Limit washing to keep colors vibrant. Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry. Do not bleach or use harsh chemicals. 

Stretch fabric backdrops In-use image using a Dream Fabric backdrop:In-use image of a Dream Fabric Photo Backdrop

FLEECE: Our fleece backdrops feature a design on the front and the back side is white. They are glare free and wrinkle free so you can hang it and shoot right away. If the backdrop does get any hard creases just simply toss it in the dryer on low heat for around 10 minutes. The backdrop is hemmed on all four sides and the weight of the material allows it to hang beautifully. This material can be stored folded. Washing instructions: Machine wash separately with cold water. (if necessary). Limit washing to keep colors vibrant.  Tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. Do not bleach or use harsh cleaners. 

PROS: Glare free and wrinkle free. 
CONS: We cannot think of any! 

Fleece photo backdrops

In-use image using a fleece backdrop: 
In-use image using a fleece backdrop
POLYESTER FABRIC: Our polyester fabric backdrops have 3 layers of woven fabric, are 100% polyester and include a 2" pole pocket at the top of the backdrop. All edges are sewn and the pole pocket at the top will take away approximately 2" - 3" from the height of a backdrop. For example, an 8' high backdrop will be be approximately 93" - 94" in height (not 96") because at least 2" - 3" of the fabric is folded over for a pole pocket. Also, allow at least a 2" variation for the width as well, for shrinkage during shipping and the sewn sides. Fabric backdrops WILL NOT be an exact match to the color you see online. NO REFUNDS will be given for color differences. Polyester fabric backdrops will arrive folded. If there are fold lines simply hang and pull tight or use a steamer to get the fold lines out. 
PROS: Includes 2" pole pocket, all sides are hemmed, thick fabric, beautiful print, can be stored folded. 
CONS: This material does not have any stretch to it. 

FLEECE, DREAM FABRIC & POLYESTER FABRIC SHIPPING: All fleece, dream fabric and polyester fabric backdrops ship separately from your order, if other materials are ordered. Most will ship Fedex, no matter which shipping method is chosen at checkout. 

HANGING EXTRA LARGE BACKDROPS: A popular trick for the fabric is to drape some of the fabric on the floor and fold it out (towards the wal). Place a 2x4 piece of wood behind the backdrop and on top of the part you have draped on the floor. Move and pull tight as needed. The wood will weigh down the bottom of the backdrop and allow you to pull it tight and will hold it in place. We have a tutorial here. You can also tape the corners to the floor or pin the backdrop to a wall. If you order a sweep (backdrop and floor in-one), simply let the backdrop drape on the floor. 

AVOID WRINKLES/SCRATCHING: Poly Paper, canvas and vinyl are tear resistant but still need to be handled with the care. Please keep in mind that these are a "printed" surface that can be scratched, scuffed, or creased. To avoid creasing we suggest you store your backdrops rolled inside the shipping tube to avoid creases, scratches or damage. If not stored in the tube, poly paper, canvas and vinyl should be rolled very tightly and laid on the floor, to avoid flattening. The center of the backdrops should be a circle when rolled (not an oval). If you see an oval in the center, it is not rolled tight enough. When using backdrops as a floor, use with care, to be sure that props, etc. do not scratch the surface of the print. 

Please double check your order before submitting it. No refunds/cancelations/exchanges can be made once your order is placed, absolutely no exceptions. 


VIEWING: Large format prints are intended to be used at a distance and are not meant to be viewed up close. Photography backdrops are designed to be in the depth of field, approximately 6 feet away in typical. 


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