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Backdrop Color Variation

The color of the printed backdrop will not be the same exact color that you see on your monitor. You monitor shows you images in RGB color. Our backdrops are printed in CMYK color. The color will also vary, depending on the material chosen. Some materials print brighter, cooler, more vibrant, etc. Lighting and camera settings can also alter the true color of a backdrop. 

Each backdrop will have a different result, based on the material chosen. Each material is a different texture, uses a different printer and ink. Because of all the different variables, two prints of the same design (on two different materials) will not have the same look. If you are planning to pair the same design together, we highly recommend ordering both designs in the same material (at the same time) to be sure they're a match. 

When looking at "in-images" please keep in mind that these images have been edited. The color in the "in-use" images will vary, based on the photographer's lighting, editing style and backdrop material. Please do not use these images as a color reference. They are intended to be used as inspiration and to give you an idea of the size of the design elements, when used with a subject. Some in-use images have added props, which will not appear on the printed backdrop. Please be sure to look at the artwork (with no subject) to see any grunge/texture/etc or props that are not included in the final print. 

Please note that we do not issue refunds or exchanges due to color variations. This is expected when printing on any medium. 

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