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What to Look for In Your Valentine’s Day Photo Backdrop

There are several important factors to consider when looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day photo backdrop. We’ll discuss some of the more important elements when making your purchase decision. There are many more than just these three, but we feel these are at the top of the list for any amateur or professional photographer.

Size of Your Shooting Space

While this may seem obvious, the size of your studio or spare room makes an enormous difference when picking the right backdrop. Backdrops can be heavy and a little cumbersome depending on how big they are, so it is important to buy the size you need and no more. Having too much backdrop is wasteful, not just in space, but in cost as well.

The Number of Subjects in the Photo

If you are shooting small groups, you can likely get by with a smaller backdrop. Common small sizes include 7 feet by 5 feet and are perfect for children and small pets. Any adults in the image will dictate a much taller backdrop, at least 7 feet in height to allow for adults of average height or even a little taller, if you plan on having them stand. You may need to go 8 feet in height depending on how far you plan to shoot from the subject. This also leads into the question of how many people will be in the photo for width purposes. Will everyone be standing/sitting in a row? You don’t have to use more space, but you won’t be able to fit large groups into a smaller backdrop no matter how hard you try.

Will You Use this Backdrop Multiple Times?

For many photographers, amateur and professional, cost is an overriding issue on many purchase decisions. If you’re going to use this backdrop multiple times, it may be beneficial to pay for a high quality photo backdrop. This will allow you the opportunity to store them and reutilize them many times over for many years.

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