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Rubber Backed Photo Floor Mats

Dark wood photography floor mat with rubber back HSD backdrops is so excited to announce that we are now offering rubber backed photo floor mats! 

What are rubber backed floor mats? 

They are absolutely amazing! Our floor mats consist of a textile-pile carpet on top and a non-slip rubber mat on bottom. The rubber backing helps keep the floor in place. These are perfect for photographers who shoot small children, who tend to move around a lot. Anyone who's had a toddler, or has shot photos of one, knows they don't hold still for very long. 

It you're looking for a very durable, long term photography floor, we highly recommend rubber backed floor drops! We currently offer 30 different designs and will be offering more designs soon! Here are some close up photos of our floor mats:

photography backdrops and floors

More about our photography floor mats:

- If ordering a quantity of two floor mats (for a backdrop and floor), order both in the same material, at the same time. If you order two different materials the colors will not be the same. 

- We using them as a background, you can hang them from a backdrop stand with clamps. Larger sized mats may be a little too heavy for light weight backdrop stands. 

- They can be stored rolled or laid flat. 

- If your mat gets dirty, it can be hosed off or sprayed with a sink faucet. Do not use any cleaners that can stain or bleach the mat. We recommend using water only, if possible. 

Click here so see all of our photo floor mats. Interested in a design of ours that's not listed under our floor mats category? Send us a message here

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