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It is nearly that time of year. If you haven’t already taken your Easter photos, do not worry, you still have time to get them done! There are many considerations when planning your Easter photo session. This is true for amateur and professional photographers alike. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Easter photos this year and for years to come!


As with most things, early planning generally makes events go more smoothly. From a long-term goal like retirement to a short-term event like Easter photo shoots. Planning early gives you more time to adjust locations, times, family needs, etc. For example, if you plan on shooting Easter pics in late February, but the weather just does not want to cooperate, then you have nearly six weeks to find a more suitable date. If you wait until early April, the window of opportunity closes on you quickly!


Much like the previous tip, being flexible with your locations also gives you a much better opportunity to get those special shots that you are working so hard to achieve. If you have your heart set on an outdoor shoot, but for any number of reasons it cannot be done, then having a backup plan indoors will take the stress off you and your subjects. The important aspect of an indoor shoot is having a high-quality photo backdrop that allows you to create the perfect look for you or your clients. Having the right Easter photo backdrops will add a special element to your photos. Having multiple backdrops makes it even better as you can capture multiple looks in the same space!


Both amateur and professional photographers often look for ways to create a beautiful image, without always considering the cost of the props and how that impacts the overall cost of your photo shoot. Amateurs can benefit by keeping common Easter theme props from year to year, while professionals can often use the same props, in different ways of course, with multiple clients during the same year. In either event, keep an eye on the budget by spending money on items that can be used repeatedly.


If you plan on doing any indoor Easter photo shoots, be sure to invest in a quality backdrop. It’s a little late this year to “start early”, but it is a key component to all three of our tips in this article. HSD Backdrops offers high-quality backdrops and backgrounds that give you the flexibility we recommend. They also last for multiple years and/or multiple sessions if you take care of them. As a photographer, taking care of your equipment is second nature. Taking care of your backdrops shouldn’t be any different!

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