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Fall Set Up Ideas for Studio Photographers

Cooling temperatures, back-to-school, pumpkin-flavored treats...we’re pulling out our cozy sweaters already! The electrifying energy of summer is quickly winding down into one of the most cheerful times of year. Autumn is just around the corner!

With the changing season comes an abundance of warm colors that provide a sensational ambiance for your upcoming photo session. No matter where you’re located, shooting indoors with a fall-inspired backdrop will create the perfect cozy vibe without needing to worry about lingering summer temperatures. Studio setups, featuring our brand new seasonal backdrops,
are sure to get you into an autumn state of mind.

Flower Fine Art Backdrop

Fall is the perfect time of year to check off your clients’ important portrait “to-do’s”. Family photos, college graduations, holiday portraits, or “just for fun” are all reasons to schedule a session. Whatever your ideal session looks like this fall, a backdrop will help your dream photos come to life.

Back to School Photo Backdrop

Our new selections range from ready-to-shoot designs, with props already included, to sophisticated fine art-inspired designs. Back-to-school scenes? We’ve got it. Halloween? That too! Our back-to-school inspired selections are the perfect choice for annual portraits. Capture the excitement of a brand new year and celebrate all the new opportunities your student is about to embark upon. For a more sophisticated vibe, choose one of our stunning painted or

fine art designs. Brown Marble, Autumn Sunset and Fields of Fall all highlight the beauty of autumn’s natural jewel tones. These backdrops are loved by clients seeking maternity and child portraiture.

Fields of Fall Fine Art Backdrop

Autumn Sunset Fine Art Photo Backdrop

Brown Marble Fall Fine Art Photography Backdrop

Before your session, gathering inspiration to share with your clients can help the shoot run as smoothly as possible. As a photographer, you want to help your clients’ dream photos come to life, so don’t be afraid to come to the table with tips and expertise.

Consider posing your subjects with some seasonally-appropriate props to add interest to their photos. Pumpkins, leaves, picnic baskets, or a glass of cider are just a few ideas! Props will help subjects feel more comfortable in front of the camera, as well as alleviating the universal struggle of not knowing what to do with your hands. No props in your arsenal? No problem! We
are excited to offer several new designs with props printed on the backdrop. Fall Storefront, Signs of Fall and Boho Fall are a few outstanding options. Posing with an artful backdrop scene will truly help your photos stand out.

Fall Store Backdrop

Signs of Fall Backdrop

boho Fall Backdrop

Similarly, wardrobe is a surefire way to (pumpkin) spice up your shoot. Patterned scarves, cozy knit sweaters, and warm pops of color are key here. Plus, these unique textiles will add interesting texture to your photos. Want to take a more unique approach? Donning Halloween costumes during the shoot is perhaps the most on-theme thing to do! Our Haunted Manor, Haunted House on the Hill, and Halloween Booville backdrops will set your sublimely spooky scene. Especially for sessions that include the whole family, costume shoots can be a memorable time capsule to look back on.

Halloween Picture Backdrop

Halloween Backdrop

Halloween Photography Background

When planning a shoot and choosing your backdrop, be sure to consider the personality of your subjects. A thoughtful backdrop choice will significantly enhance the polish of your photos. A family session fits perfectly with a classic, harvest-inspired setting. Rustic wood, pumpkins, and
bright leaves are truly timeless details. A shoot focused on younger clients should reflect their exuberant personalities. A backdrop with a little extra character can inspire fun, candid shots. We recommend Woodland Critters and Farmstead as options. Conversely, shooting with couples can benefit from a deeper, more artistic background. Take this opportunity to highlight the couple as the focal point. Agate and Amethyst are two backdrops perfect for a more romantic session. Building a diverse collection of backdrops will make your toolkit as a photographer even more impressive.

Fall Tree Backdrop for Pictures

Why choose a backdrop? Your clients might be wondering this when they book their session. Backdrops offer a variety of benefits to shoots, from convenience, to artistic outcome. When shooting indoors, you, nor your clients, need to stress about the uncertain weather, crowded locations, or fickle natural light. Nothing is more nerve-wracking to a photographer than having to delay a shoot due to unpleasant surprises when on-location. Furthermore, choosing a great backdrop has the ability to make a shoot feel cohesive, structured, and really let the subjects shine. The backdrop of any session should add to the final look and feel photo. Setting your studio with a beautiful backdrop will make your clients feel like the stars of the session that they are.

Sunflower Field Photo Backdrop

Painted Autumn Photo Backdrop

Fall Tree Photo Background

A fantastic photoshoot is a truly memorable experience. Selecting a unique backdrop will undoubtedly elevate your photos to a new level and we are excited for our new fall-inspired selections to shine in your shoots. Whether this coming autumn is hosting your first or 101st session, providing your clients with unique, timeless photos will keep them coming back with
every season. See our entire line of fall photo backdrops here.

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