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Caring for Your Photo Backdrops

AVOID WRINKLES/SCRATCHING: Poly Paper, vinyl and canvas are tear resistant but still need to be handled with the care. Please keep in mind that these are a "printed" surface that can be scratched, scuffed, or creased. We suggest storing your backdrops rolled inside the shipping tube, to avoid creases, scratches or damage. If not stored in the tube, poly paper, canvas and vinyl should be rolled very tightly and laid on the floor, to avoid flattening. The center of the backdrops should be a circle when rolled (not an oval). If you see an oval in the center, it is not rolled tight enough. When in-use, be sure to not have sharp objects come in contact with the backdrop. Do not slide props around on the backdrop, as this can scratch it. If you are shooting dogs, please keep in mind that claws can scratch the print. 

CLEANING: Vinyl can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Poly paper and canvas cannot be wiped clean. When shooting a cake smash, it is recommended that you put glare free plexiglass over the floor to protect it. Please keep in mind that frosting and any liquid that comes in contact can ruin the backdrop design and stain it. Vinyl can be wiped clean with a damp cloth but some frosting dyes or liquids can stain the backdrop.

Fabric backdrops (not listed as polyester or dream fabric): spot clean and spray with water. To remove fold lines, toss it in the dryer on low heat or use a steamer. Limit the amount of washing to keep your fabric backdrop colors vibrant. 

Polyester Fabric can be machine washed with cold water on gentle cycle with MILD soap.  Air dry fabric on a backdrop stand or lay flat. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, BLEACH OR IRON polyester fabric backdrops. Fabric must be completely dry prior to storing. Store in cool, dry area. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Limit the amount of washing to keep your fabric backdrop colors vibrant. Spot clean, if possible. Steam the backdrop to remove fold lines/wrinkles from the polyester fabric (recommended) or put the backdrop in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes. Do not put in the dryer on high heat or keep it in the dryer for a long period to avoid shrinking. 

REMOVING STAPLES: Customers are responsible for removing all staples from the shipping tube before attempting to remove backdrop(s) from the tube. If you do not remove ALL of the staples you can scratch and damage the material. You will be responsible for any damaged caused by not removing the staples.

VIEWING: Large format prints are intended to be used at a distance and are not meant to be viewed up close. Photography backdrops are designed to be in the depth of field, not for up close shooting. Approximately 6 feet away in typical. 

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