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Picking the Right Background for a Fall Photo Session

Choosing between the thousands of photo backdrops can be overwhelming, especially because there are so many colors, patterns, and shades to go through. In the fall, the weather can be unpredictable – storms can make for muddy fields, and an unexpected freezing morning can make for an uncomfortable session. However, with the right backgrounds for a fall photo session, you don’t have to worry about outside variables at all!

Why is a background, or backdrop, important?

The background, or backdrop, is really what ties together the whole image. With the wrong backdrop, the focus can be shifted from the beautiful couple to the complex background or the colors make the family in front of it blend in – making it hard to see who all is there.

Instead, the backdrop should add to the overall image. With a simple scene, the focus is reverted back to the subject of the session and can add another dimension to the feel of the session.

What type of session is it?

Fall photo backdropsThe perfect fall photo background will vary depending on the session you are shooting. For a family session, some of the best backgrounds are those that are an outdoor theme or something with few color changes (the more color changes, the harder it is for a family to match well with the scene). This type of session would need a wide landscape to be able to include multiple people without taking the focus from them.

A couple’s session would need a similar background to a family session, but with a more romantic skew. This might be a darker background or one that heightens the focus onto the couple. On the other hand, a head shot session requires an extremely simple backdrop. While most people choose single colors as head shot backgrounds, it can still be good to use a varied backdrop that makes the person stand out.

Product photography is an entirely different view. In almost every instance of product photography, an extremely basic background is required. For the most simplistic photos, a plain white backdrop is typically used so that buyers are able to get a clear-cut view of the product. Sometimes, however, different colored backdrops might be used to make the product pop (or to align better with a company’s brand).

In each of these sessions, it is important not to choose colors or styles that do not match with a typical fall scene. For example, choosing a bright, springtime field of flowers can be off-putting when shooting in an entirely different season.

What material do you like to use for a photo background?

Since fall weather can fluctuate so much, using photo backdrops is a great way to ensure a beautiful session. Paper backdrops are some of the more traditional options people are familiar with. While they are easily scuffed with a lot of traffic, paper backdrops can be an inexpensive way to practice with different colors and themes for your fall clients. Those looking for a more durable option might try vinyl, which can withstand quite a bit of foot traffic without needing to be replaced.

What is the personality of the client(s)?

The personality and wants of your clients are the deciding factors in choosing the right background. Unfortunately, as a photographer, you might not have the same tastes as your clients. While you’ve probably been in the photography industry for quite some time, most clients aren’t willing to veer from the traditional look of backdrops, which is why choosing backgrounds that work with most session is usually a good idea.

Having a static supply of backdrops that most of your typical clients will like is a great way to show potential clients examples of your work – and will give them an idea of what their own photo session will be like.

Using photo backdrops is a great way to add a dynamic to your fall photo sessions without spending an arm and a leg (and without the luck of good weather and strangers walking through your session). With many background types, they can be transportable and collapsible, making them even more versatile. When it comes to choosing the right background for your fall photo session, keeping in mind the overall goal of the session in mind is key to its success.

Purchase Photo Backdrops Made in America

Whenever possible, buying products made in America is a great idea. Photo backdrops made in America means supporting companies and employees in our very own neighborhoods. 

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