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Nothing Says “Spring” Like Floral Backdrops

This time of year is exciting for photographers, both professional and amateur alike! Spring is the beginning of some of the busiest times across our industry. From proms and Spring formals to engagements and weddings, now is the time to plan for your Spring shoots. And nothing says “Spring” like floral backgrounds, whether it is a backdrop you have purchased or a spot you found in nature.


Using floral backgrounds gives the photoshoot the feeling of hope and new beginnings. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings! If you are unable to find the perfect spot in nature, then you will be best served by buying a high-quality floral backdrop for your Spring themed shoots. What to look for in a purchased backdrop? As always…quality! Spring comes every year. Why not buy a quality product that you can use year after year? It just makes sense in the long run.


Most backdrops are offered in multiple types of materials. You can typically choose from vinyl, poly paper, canvas or fabric. The choice you make is up to you. If it is a backdrop that you believe will be timeless and able to be used for years, then picking the most durable product will be a great way to save money over the long term. If you need to satisfy a client that has a need and you do not foresee using the backdrop again, then a more economical poly paper option may work best. These products are very durable but may not last years versus a fabric or canvas option.


What kind of floral design should you choose? It depends on your client/subject’s need and your shooting style. Each photographer has their own style and it is important to stay true to it. It is how you gain future clients as many people will pick photographers based on the feeling they get from their previous work. Here is a beautiful flower backdrop from our Spring collection!


Again, the continuing theme is to buy quality. It is easy to try to save a few dollars and purchase an inferior product from companies overseas versus buying something made in America that you can depend on. Spring backdrops are a great way to capture the new hope associated with the approaching warmer months. Hazy Skies Designs offers dozens of beautifully designed photography backdrops to fit just about any photographer’s needs.

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