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How to Hang a Polyester Fabric Backdrop With a Stand

Wondering how to get that pulled tight look with larger sized fabric backdrops? We've put together a tutorial to show you how to hang the polyester fabric backdrops. The material, and the larger size of the backdrops, makes them some what heavy so it's important that you have a sturdy backdrop stand. If you're using a flimsy backdrop stand, the top pole may sag down. If you're shooting a backdrop with a scene, it can make it look warped. It's important that the top pole is straight and not sagging. Polyester fabric backdrops come with a 2" pole pocket (unless more options are listed), which fits a 1" pole. 

How to hang a backdrop on a stand

After inserting the pole into the backdrop pole pocket, clamp one end of the backdrop to the pole, pull the top of the backdrop tight and clamp the other end of the backdrop. 

Hanging a large backdrop

Adjust the height of your backdrop stand so that about 3" of the backdrop is laying on the floor, towards the wall. Place a 2x4 piece of wood behind the backdrop, on top of the fabric that is laying on the floor. Adjust and pull tight as needed. 

Hanging fabric backdrops

If your backdrop has fold lines, put it in the dryer on LOW heat for about 10 minutes or use a hand steamer (recommended). To avoid shrinking or ruining the backdrop, do not ever use high heat. To keep your backdrop vibrant, limit washing. Spot clean when possible, with mild detergent. If you need to wash it, be sure to wash it with cold water on gentle cycle. Hang dry, do not dry in the dryer. Make sure the backdrop is completely dry before storing. 

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