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Cake Smash Photoshoot Ideas

Cake Smash Sessions

Are you ready to capture some sweet memories of a little one's cake smash photoshoot? Well, hold onto your frosting because we've got some cake smash photoshoot ideas that will make your photos pop! From whimsical wonderlands to revved up race cars, these creative cake smash backdrops will take your cake smash photos to the next level. 

12 Cake Smash Photoshoot Ideas

Say goodbye to boring and hello to a sprinkle of creativity. Let's dive right in to these cake smash photoshoot ideas! Here are some of our most popular cake smash themes for 2023:

1. Princess Carriage: A Royal Ride 

A royal ride fit for a princess! The Pretty Princess Carriage backdrop will make any princess-theme photoshoot truly magical. With an elegant pink and gold carriage, plus a painted floral background, it's the perfect setting for capturing fairytale memories! Click to see more princess cake smash photoshoot ideas here.

pretty princess carriage photo backdrop

2. Enchanted Garden: Where Fairy Tales Come to Life

Transport your little one to a magical world with an enchanted garden backdrop. Adorn the scene with blooming flowers, whimsical mushrooms, and fluttering butterflies. It's like stepping into a storybook! We love this cake smash photoshoot idea for a garden themed birthday!

enchanted garden cake smash idea

3. Under the Sea Adventure: Dive into Fun!

Make a splash with an under the sea theme! Hang shimmering blue curtains, inflatable sea creatures, and colorful fish cutouts. Your little mermaid will have a whale of a time! See more under the sea themed cake smash photoshoot ideas.

under the sea mermaid cake smash backdrop

4. Hot Air Balloons: Up We Go!

This is such a fun cake smash photoshoot idea! Capture priceless memories and make them last forever with Up We Go's hot air balloon photography backdrop! Perfect for milestone birthdays and beyond, this colorful and vibrant backdrop will elevate your photoshoot to new heights!

hot are balloon photo backdrop

5. Butterflies: A Flutter of Fun!

Say "hello" to a flutter-filled cake smash birthday celebration with a delightful butterfly backdrop that'll make your birthday photos look simply stunning! With its vibrant colors and creative design, it'll give your photos that special touch of pizzaz! Snap away! Below are some adorable butterfly cake smash photoshoot ideas: 

butterfly birthday backdrop

butterfly cake smash photoshoot ideas

6. Wild Safari: Roar with Excitement!

Bring the jungle to your photoshoot with a wild safari backdrop. Hang lush greenery, animal prints, and safari props. Your little explorer will feel like they're on a thrilling safari adventure! Below, we've included a cake smash photoshoot idea for both a girl and a boy. 

wild one safari birthday cake smash backdrop

safari cake smash boy backdrop

7. Rainbow Delight: A Colorful Fiesta!

Celebrate the special day with this cheerful Pastel Rainbow Birthday backdrop! Decorated with colorful balloons and a cheerful pastel rainbow, this is the cutest rainbow cake smash photoshoot idea!

pastel rainbow birthday backdrop

8. Fashionista: The Talk of the Town!

Capture your fabulous fashion moments with Dolly's Boutique! This chic and stylish backdrop is sure to be a hit with every fashionista. Step into the spotlight, strut your stuff and let your photos be the talk of the town!

barbie inspired shop fashionista photo backdrop

9. One Happy Dude: Time to Smile!

This is a must have backdrop for any cake smash photographer! The One Happy Dude studio backdrop features a big smiley face that'll put a smile on everyone's face - and make your birthday guy one happy little dude! 

one happy dude photography backdrop

10. Groovy One: Time to Smile!

Looking for groovy cake smash photoshoot ideas? For a truly groovy little one, the Groovy One (lights) backdrop will give your cake smash photos that extra bit of flair! Featuring a unique design that will make any little one stand out, this backdrop is the perfect way to capture those moments and make it a truly groovy experience!

groovy one birthday photo background

11. Dinosaurs: It's Dino-mite!

Make those cake smash portraits truly come alive with the Dinosaur Birthday photo backdrop! It's perfect for those dino-mite cake smash photos! See more cake smash photoshoot ideas for boys. 

dinosaur birthday backdrop

12. Race Cars: Rev Up Your Portraits!

A race car birthday photography backdrop is the perfect way to "rev" up your cake smash portraits! So get the engine going, and get ready to capture some memories that'll make them smile! Vroom Vroom! Here are some race car driver approved cake smash photoshoot ideas: 

race car birthday backdrop for photos

Remember, the backdrop sets the stage for a little one's cake smash adventure. Let your imagination run wild and create a backdrop that reflects their unique personality. These cake smash photoshoot ideas are just the icing on the cake! If you are looking for more cake smash photoshoot ideas, see our full line of cake smash backdrops here. Happy snapping!

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