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The time is now…at least for professional photographers to begin thinking about fall photo sessions. Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for amateur and professional photographers. Pros always plan early because they have multiple sessions to complete, along with editing time and client communications to contend with. Are you thinking about Halloween photo backdrops? It is just over three months away, so we think it is time to think fun and spooky thoughts! Here are some of our favorite Halloween backdrops that we think you may find fun as well.


wizard castle halloween backdropThe Wizard Castle photo backdrop is a great addition to any photographer’s inventory. Who does not love a cool castle on a star filled night? Put your subjects in front of this backdrop with their favorite wizard costumes and let the “magic” happen!


Bats, owls, and jack-o-lanterns are all Halloween icons! Throw in a spooky househaunted halloween backdrop and a graveyard and you have the perfect Halloween backdrop for your little ghouls and goblins! The sitting sun over the hillside gives a creepy haze to this beautiful backdrop. See more of our Haunted Halloween photo backdrop here.


pumpkin field halloween backdropFor photographers looking for something seasonal, but not   necessarily spooky, check out the Pumpkin Field photo backdrop.   This backdrop features a pumpkin patch with beautiful orange   pumpkins on a field of green grass. Great contrast for all our favorite fall colors.


Regardless where you buy your Halloween photo backdrops, be sure they are made in the USA. Keeping our money local is important as it continues to drive our economy, supporting American business owners and artists. Plus, you get a quality product that you can depend on for multiple sessions, not just a disposable backdrop that may not last!

Once you find the right backdrop for you and your subjects, you will need to determine which size is right and which material. Most backdrops range anywhere from four feet tall by four feet wide to as large as eight feet wide by five feet tall. This allows slightly larger groups to all comfortably fit in front of the backdrop. Material options vary as well. Most are available in either matte vinyl, poly paper or canvas. The canvas tends to be the more expensive option due to its enhanced durability. Again, the decisions are all yours. Good luck and Happy Halloween!

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