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What to Wear for Your Christmas Photo Shoot

The best time of the year is right around the bend and it is time for a family Christmas photoshoot! You have everything ready; the photographer, the setting, the what are you going to wear? Picking out clothing is a crucial step in putting together a cohesive, polished memory that you can send out to friends and loved ones. Luckily, this post goes over some do’s and don’ts to consider while dressing up for the big day. 

First, you want to visualize your Christmas   photo. What will your backdrop look like? It   will likely be a Christmas themed backdrop   and may even include images such as   trees, a sleigh, or Santa. Or, you may be   going for a shoot outdoors. No matter   where you are and what your backdrop   looks like, you want to make sure you are   not blending into the background.   Remember, backdrops bring the piece   together, but you are the subject-you must   stand out. If you are turning your photo into a card, be sure to also consider the elements that may be on the card stock itself while choosing your clothes.

Red and black plaid paired with neutral colors is a good starting point. There will likely be red in your backdrop, but plaid will allow the red of the clothing to stand out against it, especially when added to neutrals. Plus plaid gives any picture a nice, cozy winter feel. This is a great opportunity for you to play with textures and patterns in your outfits. Perhaps a soft plaid shirt combined with a light, breezy skirt with polka dots and your favorite pair of heels will bring just the feel you need to your snapshots. 

If you want to sweeten things up, try red and white stripes. This peppermint-looking option will make your cutie-pies cuddlier and more festive, giving the shoot a more playful feel overall. Black is an option of some debate among photographers, so use it wisely if at all. It may go best with an outdoor themed photo session. You may want to add some holiday sparkle, mirroring the twinkling lights that are going up all over town. Play up your personality with some glittery or metallic fabrics.

Christmas family photo

This is a great time for the men in the family to really embrace fashion in a merry way. Try some scarves, sweaters, and overcoats in harmonious color schemes, perhaps with simple yet jolly patterns. Match with the children by choosing one particular article of clothing, such as a black and plaid scarf. Use complementary colors to round out and “match” the outfits. 

Whatever you wear, be yourself. Make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you put on and pose in. If big sunglasses and form-fitting skirts are your things, go for it and make your statement. You are the focus, after all. This photoshoot is about showcasing who you are at a joyous time of year, so do what feels right to you. 

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