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What About School Pictures? An Important Yearly Milestone

Unless you have been living under a rock since March, you have probably been impacted by COVID-19. Whether that was because your children were taken out of school earlier than usual and you have had to adapt to becoming a home school teacher or you were one of the millions of American’s who were left without a job. Either way we can definitely say the future is uncertain with our children going to school this fall and we want to do as much as we can for them to normalize our new way of life until things can return to normal. One way we can do this for both parents and children - school portraits!

Sticking to the tradition

Many parents and grandparents look forward to school picture day to track their child’s growth through the first 18 years of life. Let us not stop this yearly tradition because of the virus and the many parents who have chosen to home school this year! In the store we have so many different options to provide your clients with social distancing school portraits! Not only would you be helping parents by providing the portraits they purchase every year to track their child’s growth, but you could also use this to help your business during this pandemic.

While some feel that school pictures are unnecessary, for many of us they provide a look back at the person we used to be. Missing out on even one year of school portraits provides a gap that we may not be able to fill. Some adults look back at their school portraits and relive great memories of their childhoods. 

Remember that most school portraits use more neutral backdrops instead of themed backdrops. For instance, the Ocean Mist Fine Art Backdrop would make a great school portrait backdrop! Or, for a more "earth tone" backdrop that also is neutral in nature, while providing a completely different look, consider the Grunge Wall backdrop.

How to structure the sessions

The way you would structure these mini’s would be a little bit different than your typical session since you would need to make sure you’re able to social distance and sanitize between client’s to be sure you’re not aiding in the spread of COVID-19. It is probably best to structure these into a studio session, only allowing a limited amount of people (1 parent to be with their children), masks when not being photographed and the final images being delivered digitally. You could offer this type of session all throughout the year to be sure to fit in as many of your clients as possible while also giving you plenty of time to sanitize between sessions. Be sure to use props that are easily sanitized.

At the end of the day you will be able to provide school portraits for families that may have otherwise not been able to have them all while helping your business out. This is also a great option for building your clientele, as well as the ability to offer perks for recommendations that your clients have made!

Purchase Quality Photo Backdrops

It will be important to have a couple of options for your school portrait photo backdrops. This will give parents the option to pick the color that fits their school’s color scheme or previous portrait themes. Some parents may also want to coordinate the backdrop with their child’s wardrobe. In either event, buy a quality American made photo backdrop.  You will get faster delivery and a quality made product that you can depend on for many clients to come.

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