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Tips for Taking Family Portraits With Large Backdrops

Large backdrops can be a challenge to work with, especially if you’re photographing a large family. Find the most optimal setup, get creative, and most of all, have fun! Simplify your family portrait sessions with large backdrops by considering these helpful tips.

Have Chairs and Stools Available

Chairs and stools are great tools to have when working with a large backdrop. Plain and large backdrops can often create a flat appearance, so stools and chairs add depth.

Seating options also give your clients a simple pose to do in front of the big space, especially for a large family. Chairs and stools may also help bring your subjects together in a natural way instead of creating awkward gaps or a huge uncomfortable huddle.

Create a Set for the Family

Creating a set is a great way to utilize the backdrop space. Place couches, tables, plants, and more seasonally appropriate items to help create a beautiful and cohesive scene. This utilizes space well while giving clients the opportunity to switch up poses and positions. It also adds a ton of visual interest and story.

Use Creative Backdrops

Using creative backdrops for family portraits is a great opportunity to add visual interest, color, and contrast to a portrait. It’s also an excellent opportunity to capture mood, season, and spirit. For example, if you’re shooting a family portrait during the summertime, utilizing a fun summer photography background is a great way to capture the summer season and festive spirit with color and personality.

Create a Good Lighting Setup

A good lighting setup is crucial for taking family portraits with large backdrops. You ideally want the light to distribute evenly and illuminate the entire family’s faces properly. It’s essential to use multiple lights or create a clever lighting setup to eliminate shadows and capture the subjects perfectly.

Navigate the difficulties of shooting with large backdrops by considering these useful tips. You’ll find that it’s easier and more efficient to take family portraits by using creative backdrops, props, and lighting to capture your subjects in the best way possible.

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