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Backgrounds: Digital or Not?

We are in a new age of technology. The digital and information age has been well on its way since the turn of the century. When you think about it there are quite a few advantages to using a digital backdrop. Depending on the quality of your photo and the quality of your post editing skills, these backdrops can look just as natural as if you were actually on location. Here are a few of the advantages of using digital backdrops:

Digital backgrounds offer more options

There are an infinite number of options when you use a digital backdrop. You can offer the customer basic textured backdrops or even take them to different locations for their photos. Really it is your client and your imagination is the limit.

You can set yourself apart from your competition

You can offer the options that your competition can’t. Most photo studios have a limited number of backdrops and if you use digital, it could be the difference between the client using you over your competition. Most people have an idea of what they want their photos to look like and if you can bring their vision to the photo shoot then you will have plenty of referrals and repeat customers.

Produce more usable shots

I know that when I am on location taking photos there is a portion of the shoot that are not usable. This is a frustration of the customer and a waste of my time as a photographer. Because you can control the environment and the lighting of a studio session, you don’t have to keep a weather eye on the horizon.

Increase Profits

Ultimately we all want to make more money. By using a digital backdrop you can alter and change the look with a simple adjustment, this can increase your customers number of photos that they like and possibly buy.

We all know that what the customer says goes, and if you can give them more options, and looks for their pictures then you will have a greater chance of them using you again, and giving your name out to their friends. We all want and need more business and using digital backgrounds can and will generate more business because you will have more options to offer.

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